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A Retro -modern babe

You guys it’s been a lonnnggg minute. Phew! This girl right here needed to catch her breath for a bit but I’m back... ish.

Long time no blog post; The reason

I’m graduating this year so I’ve had quite a lot to do with so little time. That being said I’ve been feeling very unserious with school every time I think of working on my blog but I’m finding a balance .

Real reason for absence

I’m lazy

I’m lazy

The thought of dressing up and a photo shoot session?....

I’m lazy

Inspiration for the look

I was going for a comfortable,vintage look with a modern twist.

Let me explain

Nothing screams a classy vintage look like an oversized skirt suit. This look is about styling one but with a little bit of edge added it.

The look

All you’ll need is

An oversized skirt suit: baggy clothes are allowed. It creates a whole vibe ,trust me.

A fitted T-shirt underneath a bralet :

layering these day is key and just because just a T-shirt alone will look boring.

Oxford shoes: we’re keeping this look retro so this was the footwear to go for.

A pair of cat eye glasses : cos something funky never hurt nobody

A bucket bag: they are back . Get the strap

Style tips

1. You could pair a double breasted with a cute lacy bralet / bodysuit , an awkward length loose mom jeans and mules

2. Same 2 piece vintage suit , a graffiti T-shirt , socks boots , a beret ,a cute bag pack and slim shades.

3. I’m going to keep the remaining tea for myself

Thank you for stopping by , buh-bye