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Let’s work “chic”

I know you’re thinking ”chile we don’t look this happy at work”😂. But bear with me . I just love when a look I’m going for comes together...

P.s This post is for you if your work place is semi formal and allows coloured outfits

Ever since I told y’all about myself

I feel like we family and as such I can’t leave out my working class side of the family.

So if you’ve recently graduated, going for job interviews, interning or already working in an office. I’ve got you covered

• Do you ever feel like your work wardrobe is cramping the inner fashionista in you?

• Are you bored with the typical work outfit and feel like you can do more?

Well good news, there are subtle ways to spice things up while still looking office appropriate.

Think “work chic”

This is what I mean...

Typical work outfit 101

1. Button down collar shirt

2. Formal plain trouser

3. Court shoes

4. regular plain cardigan

Working “chic”

1. Flared pants , formal patterned pants or formal cullotes

2. Structure double breasted blazers,Cape-like cardigans or jackets with bell sleeves

3. Covered heeled mules

For this look all I did ways was swap the most basic office wears for something alternative while still remaining occasion appropriate.

Other office style inspo

This is a link to explore from 👆🏽.

Tip of the day

All you have to do to look chic at work is to make the conscious effort not to dress in the most predictable formal ways so don’t be afraid to accessorize, invest in mules and rock beautiful bags and blazers.

Ttyl buh-bye💋