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Your occasional girly girl

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

Think “girly” for this look.

Whites and florals? Yes please!

Hey guys. It’s been a while , school and life you know how it goes. First and foremost, the drive for creating is all about showcasing style inspiration for every girl out there . The baddie babes, The girly girls, the edgy girls, the tomboy girls,simple minimalist girls( OK not really cos I’m extra lol),classy and sophisticated style kinda girls.

If you’ve followed my style journey so far I’m sure you thought “what the hell is she wearing?” Or “ooouu I wanna try this baddie look, Or “I’ll never wear that” or “I like that but it’s not really not my style”. Don’t worry you’ll find your vibe here at some point. Have a little faith in me.

This look is about showing off my feminine side in a “me” way , quirky style and all. Floral patterns are a way to go for a girly girl look. But you know me I have to throw in a little bit of flare to it.

My style inspo

Sometimes I want to wear very feminine styles like florals, polka dots and bright pastel colors while also looking chic and modern. And at the same time I just don’t want to look too simple or too vintage-ish. This look is about creating a vibe somewhere in the middle.

To go from a super simple look to something more, the answer came in form of floral boots, a pop of colour and an alternative way of wearing a white shirt. Let me break it down.

My white button down shirt was turned the other way around to create a high neck illusion. Wearing it the regular way for this look would have looked mehhhh. And we don’t want to look mehhhh, do we?. I purposely left the cuff unbuttoned to make it look flowy.

Did you know? ... the yellow corset thingi you see is actually a skirt!. Yup, you can officially call me Mrs IMPROVISATION . I love the idea of cinching oversized clothing with large belts and sashes but for this particular look I didn’t want a regular belt . I wanted to make it look like the yellow band with zip detail was attached to my shirt.

How to:

I layered a short yellow bodycon skirt over my top and layered my floral skirt over the former... easy peasy.

My boots:

This is where it gets interesting. I’ve always wanted to try a floral on floral look. I kept the solid colors on top and the florals below. Always remember, keeping your color choices organized is really important when mixing patterns.

Like i said color scheme organization is really important so I made sure to essentially keep my colors between white yellow and pink. So this determined my jewelry choice.

This brings to end of today’s look. Hope you liked it.

last picture...i promise. Okbye

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